Aries is a bold, fire sign symbolized by the Ram

Born Between: March 21 – April 20 
Symbol: The Ram
Symbol:  See Image At Right
Ruling Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Quality: Cardinal 
Natural House: 1st House
Strengths: Action, Bold, Leadership, Confidence, Courage
Weaknesses: Impatience, Impulsive, not finishing things

Color: Red
Personality Traits:  Assertive and dynamic. Action-oriented, motivated, competitive, confident, dynamic, energetic, self-oriented, risk-taking, fearless, direct, impatient.  

These individuals feel that they can accomplish things. They possess an amazing amount of inherent self-belief. They can be highly enthusiastic and easily industrious. 

The ruling planet of Mars contributes even more energy to this sign.

They make good leaders because they are so proactive.

This is a fire sign, which means they have the natural characteristics of fire: fast-paced, rapid-movement, speed, igniting, burning, flashing, dancing, energy, and heat. 

These are high-energy people, action-oriented to say the least. They will almost always be busy with something and are more naturally self-confident than most people. 

They can be self-oriented and this can be expressed in both positive and negative ways. 

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