Taurus is the sign of The Bull, determined and practical. 

Born: April 19 & May 20
Symbol: The Bull
Image:  Image  At Right
Ruling Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Natural House: 2nd House
Color: Green
Strengths: Planning, Determination, Reliable, Logical, Thorough, Practical
Weaknesses: Possessive, Inflexible, Cluttered, Slow-Moving

Personality Traits: Taurus is a hard worker, home-loving, a good planner, jealous, logical, determined, patient, thrifty, and reliable. 

These individuals have a stoic type of personality and take things in stride. They’re solid and have a steadiness about them.

Their energy is often very calming and has a grounding effect. They are the ideal person to complete a project as they are such good planners. 

They have a steady pace about them and they are not easy to rush or hurry. In fact, their steady routine is one of the ways you can recognize a Taurus. It’s a signature quality of this sign. 

An earth sign, they are thrifty and good with resources.  Money and possessions are valued by this sign. 

They can be highly stubborn and determined when they want to be. 

They love being comfortable when it comes to home, food, and in relationships. 

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