Scorpio is the sign of the scorpion. They are known for being strong-willed, secretive, and intuitive. 

Born: October 22 to November 22
Symbol: The Scorpion
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Ruling Planet: Pluto
Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Natural House: 8th House
Color: Burgandy
Strengths: Willpower, Determination, Psychic, Intuitive, Sexy, Completion, Followthrough
Weaknesses:  Vengeful, jealous, Secretive, Control Issues, Possessive, Sarcasm, 

Personality Traits: Willpower, Strong-Willed, Determined, Intuitive, Secretive, Mesmerizing, Jealous, Sarcastic, Persistent, Passionate.

The sign of Scorpio represents willpower, determination, and uncommon endurance. 

Scorpios are usually intense, highly focused individuals. They are highly intuitive, emotional, and yet stubbornly determined in the pursuit of their goals. They almost always have a hidden agenda as they have a need for a special kind of inner privacy. 

They are equipped with a ‘stinger’ like the scorpion is, and can use it on anyone who betrays or hurts them. 

Scorpios can be very heroic and noble. They approach problems differently from most people. 

Considered to be the sexiest sign of the Zodiac, they are blessed with the ability to enchant, seduce, and mesmerize almost anyone. 

They thrive on research and investigation and possess an unusual amount of curiosity and desire to seek out knowledge and truth. It’s almost as if they are driven to do this by an unseen force and cannot help themselves. They must seek out higher principles. 

Their endurance is often astonishing and is one of their greatest strengths. If you want someone to hang in there and stay the course, Scorpio is the one.

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