Leo is the sign of the Lion; They are known for being generous, grand, dramatic, and action-oriented.

Born: July 21 to August 22
Symbol: The Lion
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Ruling Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Natural House: 5th House
Color: Orange / Gold
Strengths: Affectionate, Generous, Leadership, Warmhearted, Creative, Enthusiastic, Romantic, Generous
Weaknesses: Bossy, Self Centered, Egocentric, Stubborn, Tempermental. 

Personality Traits: Warm Hearted, Generous, Grand, Ego-Centered, Dramatic, Loyal, Outgoing, Stubborn, Action, Leadership, Followthrough. 

Leo represents the ego, so Leo’s nature is to be big-hearted and shine their light out for everyone to see. They are generous and loyal and often make great leaders.

They are self-centered. Depending upon how they express this inherent part of their nature it can have half positive or negative effects.

You will notice that most Leos do things in a big way. They want to be seen. They don’t think small.

Leo’s expect to be the center of attention. Their ruling planet is the Sun – the center of the Universe. So they expect things to revolve around them.

They love being comfortable when it comes to home, food, and even in relationships.

They are also very creative people. They crave and thrive on fun, pleasure, romance, and all manner of leisure.

To synergize with Leo, let them be the center of attention. Give them responsibilities and authority. Acknowledge them publically. Recognize their amazing creativity and leadership.

They will reward you with an amazing amount of genuine loyalty, generosity, warm-hearted friendship, and more. 

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