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About Intuitive Coaching

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Intuitive Coaching

About Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching is a combination of intuition and life coaching. The effect is something more than a psychic reading can provide and yet deeper than a normal life coaching session. Intuitive coaching will give you deep insights, breakthroughs, and practical applications. 

Intuitive Coaching

What To Expect

In An Intuitive Coaching Session

Intuitive coaching sessions concentrate on one of 4 areas: Future, Past, Inward or Outward. By focusing attention in one area, deeper insights and breakthroughs become possible. You may choose from 20, 40, or 60 minutes in length. All sessions are conducted by phone or online via Zoom. 

INWARD - See Into Yourself

Realize your strengths and how to use them.
Become aware of your limiting beliefs & patterns.
Find your singular most important catalyst.
Attain clarity about your path & purpose.
Acquire more powerful ways of responding.
And much more.

OUTWARD - See Into Relationships

Gain important relationship insights.
Identify your most important communications.
Transform your environment and its energy.
Recognize your best opportunities & resources.
Increase synchronicity & connection with life.
And much more.

BACKWARD - See Into your Past

Discover past events holding you back.
Heal wounds from your past.
Eliminate the pain of certain memories.
Transform your past into a resource.
Uncover life lessons hidden in your past.
Change your future by using your past.
And much more.

FORWARD - See Into Your Future

Horoscope, Tarot & I-Ching readings.
See into the future of your life.
Discover critical actions & decisions.
Perceive your life’s trends & future pivot points
And so know how to shape your destiny.
And much more.


Now It’s Time To

Direct your Attention

Your first step is to choose which of the 4 directions you want to explore. Which one will make the biggest difference for you? Inner, Outer, Past, or Future. Here are brief overviews of each one and a link for you to schedule a 20, 40, or 60-minute Intuitive Coaching Session.

Intuitive Coaching Inwards


See Into Yourself

Get insight into the specific patterns you are generating that are holding you back, and learn how to change them. Find the exact catalysts to help you create a new level of momentum, success, strength, and fulfillment.

Intuitive Coaching Forward


See Into Your Past

Heal painful memories. Discover which specific events in your past are blocking your progress and why. Learn how to turn your past into an amazing resource that you can use whenever you need it. 

Intuitive Coaching Outwards


See Into Relationships

Learn how compatible you are with another Sun sign and what you must know to attain greater love, friendship, money, and success. Discover danger points in any relationship and learn how to communicate with any Zodiac sign in unique ways that bring out the strengths in the relationship. 

Intuitive Coaching


See Into Your Future

Horoscope, Tarot, and I-Ching readings. See into your future and know which decisions and actions are most likely to lead to success and greater happiness. Discover your life’s trends and know when important turning points are coming up. 

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It is amazing how the right insights at the right time can make such a difference. If you have questions about our Intuitive Coaching please click on the Ask A Question button below. We’ll be happy to help you.


Intuitive Coaching Testimonial

A personal habit that I thought was going to be extremely difficult has been overcome.

This change has helped my health tremendously.


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