Zodiac Signs And Horoscope


Zodiac Signs and Horoscope
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Now is the time to transform your life and your relationships. Peek into the future. Learn the deeper personality dynamics of that Pisces, Virgo, or Leo in your life. Discover things about yourself you never knew, and so change the way you move through the world. Zodiac signs and horoscope will put you on the path. If you long for true insight, it is waiting for you in a 1 on 1 Intuitive Coaching Session. Do you have the courage to reach out and discover more?

Zodiac Signs And Horoscope


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Go Inward

See Into Yourself

Learn which unconscious patterns are most holding you back and what hidden strengths you possess that you are not using fully. This session may include insights from your Birth Chart and will reveal personality traits and patterns previously outside of your awareness. Experience the singular greatest power of Astrology; the ability to teach you about yourself.

Zodiac Signs And Horoscope

Go Outward

See Into Relationships

This session is all about compatibility. Obtain deep insight into someone in your life – a friend, boss, colleague, spouse, potential dating partner, or lover. Discover how their Zodiac Sign and Horoscope are affecting your relationship. Learn specific new ways to maximize the strengths and opportunities in all your interactions with them. And know exactly how to avoid the dangers.

Zodiac Signs and Horoscope

Go Forward In Time

See Into Your Horoscope

Receive an in-depth Horoscope reading that may include aspects from your birth chart. Glance into possible futures and discover what you must know when it comes to money, love, career, relationships, and more.
Zodiac Signs, Planetary Influences, Houses, and Major Aspects will all be considered.

Horoscope Readings

Go Backwards in Time

See Into Your Past

See into your past in a unique way that transforms your present and future. Discover which experiences have had the most effect on you, which ones formed imprints, and how to turn specific past experiences into extraordinary resources. If unpleasant memories or past experiences are holding you back in any way, this session will break you free.

Wisdom From Taurus

Zodiac Signs And Horoscope

The Bull Teaches Us


On your path of self-discovery, be sure to take a lesson from Taurus, the Bull. Taurus embodies the power of determination, as well as the ability to get organized and create a plan of action. This singular trait and ability is something all of us can do. It is the foundation of all effective personal development and genuine transformation.

Taurus: April 19 to May 20
Sign: The Bull
Ruling Planet: Venus 
Element: Earth   
Quality: Fixed 
Natural House: 2nd
Traits: Stable, reliable, thrifty, practical, patient, hard-working, planner, determined, logical. 

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