About Compatibility in Astrology


About Compatibility



Compatibility is all about harmony and success in relationships.

Zodiac signs and Astrology give us the ability to see inside people and relationships. We can receive guidance when it comes to our interactions with bosses, colleagues, friends, family, spouses, children, and lovers.

And we can get real answers to questions like:

Q. Is a relationship with a particular person inclined to succeed? If so, what factors will make it so?
Q. What should you look out for and be aware of with a particular person?
Q. What are the strengths in the relationship and how can you maximize them?
Q. Why does a particular person do what they do?
Q. What can you do to make the relationship more harmonious and successful?
Q. Should you stay away from a particular person or relationship?
Q. How can you communicate in the most effective way with a particular person?


Compatibility Guide

To know if you are compatible with a particular sign and what will help improve the relationship, see each individual sign’s compatibility page. On many of those pages, we also feature detailed posts on specific combinations of signs.


Additional Compatibility Factors

When it comes to compatibility among signs there are several factors that are highly influential.

They include:

  • Each Sun sign
  • Ascendant for each Sun sign
  • The location of the planets as shown in each person’s birth chart including progressions, solar arcs, outer planet transits, new moons, eclipses, full moons, planetary returns, retrograde
  • The Major Angles/Aspects of the planets
    • conjunction
    • sextile
    • trine
    • square
    • opposition
  • The Minor Angles/Aspects of the planets
    • semisquare
    • inconjunct
    • semisextile
    • semisquare
    • parallel
    • contra parallel
  • How each person chooses to express the energies of the planets, houses, and aspects
  • Element combination: Fire, Water, Air, Earth
  • Quality combination: Fixed, Cardinal, or Mutable
  • Ruling planets for each sign


In Astrology, when two charts are compared to assess compatibility it is called Synastry. 

Compatibility can be increased by learning all you can about a particular person’s sign. Our Intuitive Coaching Sessions will give you an extraordinary insight into any person’s sign, along with ways to communicate with them so as to maximize the positive potential of the relationship.

See intuitive coaching to learn more.  



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