Gemini is the sign of the twins; curious, inquisitive, restless, scattered.

Born: May 20 to June 21
Symbol: The Twins
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Ruling Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Quality: Mutable
Natural House: 3nd House
Color:  Yellow
Strengths: Flexible, Communication, Thinking, Curiosity, Light-Hearted, Multi-Tasking
Weaknesses: Restless, Scattered Energy, Nervous, Lack of Consistency

Personality Traits:  Flirtatious, nervous, inquisitive, curious, intelligent, restless, witty.

These individuals are fun-loving and have a sharp wit. They are inquisitive and natural communicators.

They excel in all manners of communication including speaking, writing, teaching, etc.

They are excellent multi-taskers. 

Gemini seeks variety in life and can seem to be ‘all over the place’. But that is just their natural super-curiosity in action.

They can be highly restless because they are so inquisitive. They embody the spirit of curiosity. 

They thrive in the midst of activity and are carefree and lighthearted by nature.

Their mutable quality makes them highly adaptable to almost any situation.

They can have a short attention span at times, and appear to be scattered. They are highly active and constantly gather information. 


The 3rd House

This is Gemini’s house and it represents communication, learning, short trips, and your thinking habits and patterns. This is where you study and acquire new knowledge. It’s also directly linked to your speaking, blogging, emailing, etc. 

Mercury Is The Ruling Planet of Gemini

This is about how you perceive things, solve problems, and form your opinions and beliefs. Mercury’s influence as a ruler causes this focus on processing information. The 3rd house is the house of siblings, friends from childhood, and even acquaintances.  


Being mutable they are flexible and adjust to change well. 


Being an air sign, they are naturally smart, versatile, intellectual, and flowing. 



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