A horoscope is a forecast of an individual’s future based on the position of the planets at the time of a person’s birth.

The forecast often utilizes the angles of the planets, known as Aspects. They show how the planets and angles are oriented towards 12 houses or areas of life.

It also employs 12 Zodiac signs which are determined by the location of the Sun at the time a person was born.


Birth Chart

One of the most important things to know about a horoscope is that a birth chart is needed to make them truly accurate. A birth chart can give you extraordinary insights into your strengths, weaknesses, trends, and more. Astrology can teach you more about yourself than you can imagine and give you insights into your habits and character that will surprise you.

The exact time of your birth is important and makes a birth chart more accurate and impactful. You can usually find the time of your birth on your birth certificate.

It is worth noting that many serious astrologers consider it unwise and flat-out inaccurate to attempt any forecast that does not include a person’s birth chart.

Your birth chart includes everything about your life and can give you insights into your career, relationships, money, health, and family.


Horoscope Ingredients

Horoscopes are based on four key ingredients:

  1. The 12 Sun signs of the zodiac (personality types, determined by the position of the sun when you were born)
  2. The 10 planets (influences )
  3. The 12 houses (areas of your life)
  4. Aspects (also called angles – of the planets and their alignments)

Using an Ephemeris (a tool for knowing the positions of the planets at a specific point in time) Astrologers map out the location of the planets and where they fall in each house or ‘areas of life’. This shows the influences and patterns that are happening in each and every area of your life.

In Astrology, each planet represents a specific energy. For example, Aries is the 1st house or ‘area’ of your life. It is the area of your life that is about you, your personality and ego, your initiative, your body, ambition, and drive.

Neptune represents creativity. So if your horoscope reveals that Neptune is in the 1st House you are likely to have lots of creative ideas and energy about yourself, your life, your goals, and even your image. It’s a great time for planning entrepreneurial projects, branding, or doing a makeover. Pretty simple right?

At the basic level, Astrology is quite simple. However, it quickly becomes much more complex. One example is The Angles (also called Aspects) of the planets. They reveal all kinds of different types of energies, patterns, and possible portents.

Planets can go into Retrograde (appearing to move backward) and that changes the energy and influence of the planet on a particular house or area of your life. They can be aligned in tries, squares, conjunctions, and sextiles. All of these angles imply different kinds of energy and effects upon the different areas (houses) of your life.

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Horoscope Insights

Most horoscope readings cover many areas of a person’s life. However, there is an area of Astrology called. Horary. Horary is Astrology used to answer a specific question.

It’s important that you use a horoscope as an insightful guide. Nothing is set in stone, and how you make choices and decide to act has a profound influence on any situation. Never expect Astrology to make your decisions for you or do your thinking. Always remember that you are in charge of your destiny and that you have free will.

Horoscopes can show you trends, patterns, and energies in yourself and in your environment. This information is incredibly valuable to have and you can use it to create more favorable circumstances, relationships, and outcomes.



Synastry is a special area of Astrology and horoscope readings that is dedicated to comparing charts to determine the amount of symmetry and compatibility in a relationship.

This is an area of Astrology we specialize in.

Our Intuitive coaching sessions can give you detailed information about any relationship and help you understand what will strengthen the relationship and what will damage it. Once you know a person’s Sun sign, this information can mean the difference between a successful relationship or a failed one.

Specific birth times are ideal, but not required.


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