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About Us

We are a group of trained coaches who have also spent years learning Astrology, mindfulness, meditation, and other spiritual arts and sciences.

What’s An Intuitive Coach?
We are not Psychics in the normal sense of the word. Our sessions combine unusual intuition with life coaching techniques, to give you a rare combination of prescience and real-world guidance.

What Makes Us Different
Our emphasis is on personal transformation, change, and specific insights for improving the quality of your life.

What Is A Session LIke? 
Your intuitive coaching session will be a combination of intuition and psychic ability with real-world life coaching techniques. It gives you more than a psychic reading and yet it is different from a typical life coaching session. It’s fun, revealing, and insightful, yet deeply practical and down-to-earth.


Who We Are

Our team of Intuitive Coaches includes a unique group of individuals with extraordinary gifts and specialties.

I Ching Tarot Intuitive CoachZachary is the creator of Zodiac Signs And Horoscope .com.

He’s a certified life coach and long-time intuitive and astrologer. He also reads Tarot and I-Ching.

His passion is to bring the gifts of talented coaches and uniquely intuitive individuals to others in a way that is truly transformational for them.

Reiki Master intuitive psychicBreeAnna is a certified Reiki Master, successful businesswoman, and therapeutic life coach. She specializes in healing wounds from the past, clarifying life direction and purpose, and energy work.

tarot master and astrologerMichelle is a second-generation psychic and healer. As a Tarot Master and Astrologist, she provides unique and in-depth insights and guidance. 

life coach psychic intuitiveSharon is a Certified Life Coach with an extensive background as an intuitive and psychic reader. Her combination of positive optimism and practical real-world advice makes her an exceptional resource.

Now It’s Time To

Direct Your Attention

Your first step is to choose which of the 4 directions you want to explore. Which one will make the biggest difference for you? Inward, Outward, Backward, or Forward. Here are brief overviews of each direction and a link for you to schedule a 20, 40, or 60-minute Intuitive Coaching Session.

About Zodiac Signs and Horoscope .com


See Inside Yourself

Get insight into the specific patterns you are generating that are holding you back, and learn how to change them. Find the exact catalysts to help you create a new level of momentum, success, strength, and fulfillment.

About Zodiac Signs and Horoscope .com


See Into your Past

Heal painful memories. Discover which specific events in your past are blocking your progress and why. Learn how to turn your past into an amazing resource that you can use whenever you need it. 

About Zodiac Signs and Horoscope .com


See Into Relationships

Learn how compatible you are with another Sun sign and what you must know to attain greater love, friendship, money, and success. Discover danger points in any relationship and learn how to communicate with any Zodiac sign in unique ways that bring out the strengths in the relationship. 

About Zodiac Signs and Horoscope .com


See Into Your Future

Horoscope, Tarot, and I-Ching readings. See into your future and know which decisions and actions are most likely to lead to success and greater happiness. Discover your life’s trends and know when important turning points are coming up. 

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