Cancer is the sign of the crab; nurturing, supportive, and sensitive. 

Born:  June 21 to July 22
Symbol: The Crab
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Ruling Planet: The Moon
Element: Water
Quality:  Cardinal
Natural House: 4th House
Color: Silver
Strengths: Nurturing, supportive, persistent, intuitive

Weaknesses: Can be overly emotional and moody
Personality Traits: Very sensitive, psychic, receptive, moody, and sympathetic. They are emotional, caring, persistent, loving, often shy, and can be protective, and highly nurturing.

Cancer is a sign of home, family, and nurturing. These are highly intuitive people. It has been said that Cancer is the sign of the mother because it is so nurturing. 

Matters of the heart, feelings, home, supporting others – these are all aspects of the sign of this sign.  

Remember that those born under this sign are emotion-based. So always consider how they will feel when it comes to your interactions with

Two primary things are important to them: FInancial security and emotional security. Generally, Cancers do well with money. 

The 4th house means home and family matters will be important to them. They’re highly domestic, receptive, and very nurturing by nature. They make great parents, teachers, coaches, mentors, etc.

The Crab moves sideways, meaning they tend to avoid direct confrontation. This can lead to being passive-aggressive if they are not careful. 

Highly flexible due to their cardinal quality and water element, they can adjust to change more easily than most. 

Famous Cancers include Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Lindsay Lohan, and Jessica Simpson. 


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