Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer. They are known for being original, determined, loyal, and independent. 

Born: January 20 to February 19
Symbol: The Water Bearer
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Ruling Planet: Uranus
Element: Air
Quality: Fixed
Natural House: 11th House
Color: Turquoise
Strengths: Independent, Loyal, Humanitarian, Original, Determined, Friendship
Weaknesses: Impersonal, Aloof, Stubborn, Overly Detached, Inconsistent
Personality Traits:  Intellectual, aloof, impersonal, rebellious, high-strung, humanitarian, honest, logical, stubborn, and determined. 

Aquarius are noted for their high strung nature and devotion to humanity. This is, in fact, the meaning of their sign ‘The Archer’. 

These highly original individuals are inventive and sometimes unpredictable. They are very future-oriented. 

The water-bearer symbol represents humanitarianism, the cornerstone of this Zodiac sign. Aquarians are also quite people-oriented and you’ll see them in groups and often surrounded by family and friends. 

They are known for their loyalty and honesty along with their independent nature.  They are highly individualistic and have a need to rebel. 

Air signs are all good communicators and Aquarius is no exception. 

Their aloofness allows them to maintain a certain emotional distance which can be highly useful in certain contexts.

The Fixed quality of this sign makes them stubborn and determined and the element of Air allows them to be flexible. This combination is one of their great strengths. When applied correctly it gives them an amazing ability to hold fast to a set course, and yet pivot in ways that will lead to their success. 

Aquarians make great friends and thrive in groups and friendships. 

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