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Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching
Spiritual Coaching is coaching that adds a spiritual element to the coaching process.

It usually concentrates on finding increased happiness, peace, harmony, and clarity on one’s life purpose and direction. 

We also use the term intuitive coaching for this unique experience. 

Our coaching is a unique combination of life coaching and psychic and intuitive work.


This is a very different kind of unique coaching. It’s not like a regular psychic reading, and it’s not like a normal life coaching session. It uses both. It gives you both intuitive insights AND practical action steps. 

Choose the focus of your session: 

  • Inward: To see into yourself, your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Outward: To see into relationships, astrology, and coaching for compatibility.
  • Backward: See into your past, heal wounds and painful memories holding you back.
  • Foward: See into the future, astrology readings, and I Ching.

For more details please visit our Intuitive Coaching page. 


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