Virgo horoscope readings are most accurate when they include your birth chart. In fact, your birth chart and your time of birth are the most important elements for getting an accurate horoscope reading.

A horoscope is a map of the position that the planets are in at an exact time and place of a person’s birth. It is basically a 360-degree layout of the Earth’s path around the Sun.  That path is divided into 12 sections called Houses (areas of your life).

Specific in-depth horoscopes for  Virgo, August 24 to September 23 will appear in this post.


Virgo Horoscope

Virgo is known for being highly analytical, detail-oriented, organized, and critical. They can be restless and indecisive and suffer from analysis paralysis. However, Virgo loves their work and often work to serve rather than just for money.

They are highly discriminating, dependable, down-to-earth, and have good common sense. Dependable and often reserved.


The Sun in Virgo

The Sun is in Leo from August 24 to September 23.
Symbol: The Virgin
Ruling Planet: Mercury
Quality: Mutable
Element: Earth
House: 6th House


The Moon in Virgo

Your Virgo horoscope is especially affected by the moon. The Moon represents your unconscious mind, emotions, and feminine energy. It has a strong and constantly changing effect on all Sun Signs including Virgo.

When the moon is in Virgo you may feel especially deep feelings about home and family, and those you love most. You may feel compelled to do a “spring cleaning”.  Be careful not to be too critical at this time as emotions are running deeper than usual. Focus on your natural ability to serve others, handle details, and stay healthy and well via a good diet and exercise.


Mercury in Virgo

Mercury is ‘thinking’ energy. Its position shows our thought patterns, psychology, decision-making, and judgments.

When Mercury is in Virgo, your thinking powers will be at an all-time high. This is a great time to think about the most important things in your life, especially in and around your work and loved ones. Don’t let this clear and lucid flux of Mercury’s energy be wasted on trivial things. You have a gift for details and orgainzing. It’s vital at this time to look to the big picture as best you can. Your goals, life aims, and values deserve clear thought at this time.


Venus In Virgo

Venus represents the energy of love. It stands for all things beautiful. It especially reflects how we deal with money, possessions, and society.

Virgo is especially choosy about a mate, and their high standards can cause them to be single more or longer than most. Once with a partner, however, they are highly very supportive and caring. You may feel a need to overprotect people in your care at this time. Be sure to give them the space they need.


Mars in Virgo

Mars represents the energy of action, aggressiveness, anger, risk-taking, and competition.

Mars in Virgo may cause you to be more intense, driven, and more perfection-oriented than you normally are. You may feel compelled to do planning and organize entire aspects and areas of your life. Focus this extra energy and drive to plan, organize, and serve others through your work.

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Jupiter In Virgo

Jupiter in your chart signifies where you will experience luck, abundance, fortune, and positive manifestation. Jupiter is almost always a good omen in a chart.

When Jupiter is in Virgo increases your concern for morality and values. You may experience especially positive relationships at this time and stay on the lookout for opportunities as the ‘luck’ factor is high. Your sense of cleanliness, detail, and organization will thrive and reap especially good things for you at this time.


Saturn In Virgo

Saturn is where your life lessons are. It signifies what you need to learn, your ambitions in life, and where you feel inadequate. It’s where you struggle to express who you are and want to be. This is the energy of caution and discipline.

In a Virgo horoscope, when Saturn is in Virgo it is very important that you be honest about your own tendencies to be overly critical, hyper-perfection oriented, work too hard – burn yourself out (even if it is to serve others) and worry.  These are weaknesses of Virgo and this is a time to focus on not overdoing your natural strengths so they become unbalanced. Take a vacation. Let some little imperfections go (I know it will be hard for you). And do not criticize even if it is deserved.



Uranus In Virgo

Uranus is the energy of communication, scientific thought, intuition, sudden insight, knowledge, freedom, independence, the freedom urge, and opportunity.

When Uranus is in Virgo, your innovation and creativity will be very high. This is an outstanding time to connect with people as your already good communication skills are now heightened. You are now high in inventive and influential energy – use it. 


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Neptune In Virgo

Neptune is the planet of magic, mysticism, vision, creativity, self-renewal, and secrecy.  It reveals where you are inspired, your highest or lowest spiritual expression, and where you may be deceived, deceive yourself, or need to escape.

When Neptune is in Virgo you will notice an increase in imaginative and creative ideas and higher than normal intuition. This can pull you out of your down-to-earth practical mode a bit. Use this increase in creative energy and let some of the details go. 


Pluto In Virgo

Pluto is the planet of power, being in charge, where you are feeling strong or weak, new experiences, and where transformation and change are taking place in your life.

This will restructure themselves, change, and assume new forms and expressions when Pluto is in Virgo. Realize that this is a time of transformation and don’t resist it.  Huge economic, industrial and world changes have taken place when Pluto was in Virgo. 


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