Taurus horoscope readings are most accurate when they include your birth chart. In fact, your birth chart and your time of birth are the most important elements for getting an accurate horoscope reading.

A horoscope is a map of the position that the planets are in at an exact time and place of a person’s birth. It is basically a 360-degree layout of the Earth’s path around the Sun.  That path is divided into 12 sections called Houses (areas of your life).

Specific in-depth horoscopes for Taurus, April 21 through May 21 will appear in this post.


Taurus Horoscope

When you consider the Taurus horoscope, it’s important to remember that

Taurus is anchored in the second house (area of your life), which is the house of possessions and personal finances. This is your income, how you make money, debt, savings, investments, your attitude about money and wealth, and if you are a giver or are stingy.



The Sun in Taurus

The Sun is in Aries from March 21 to April 20.
Symbol: The Bull
Ruling Planet: Venus
Quality: Fixed
Element: Earth

Taurus is known for being pleasure-loving, stable, reliable, good with money, patient, a hard worker, a good planner, determined, logical, materialistic.

They can also have a tendency to be jealous, lazy, and occasionally greedy.


The Moon in Taurus

Like all horoscopes, a daily or weekly Taurus horoscope is especially affected by the moon. The Moon represents your unconscious mind, emotions, and feminine energy.

When the Moon is in Taurus, it means your emotions are grounded and steady.  Centering energy is helping you fulfill your need for financial and material security. If the Moon is afflicted this can result in a tendency towards laziness, wasted time, and too much concern and attachment towards physical things.


Mercury in Taurus

Mercury is ‘thinking’ energy. Its position shows our thought patterns, psychology, decision-making, and judgments.

You may notice stronger practicality than normal. This is a good time to negotiate and make certain business decisions. Your powers of reasoning are at a high. In addition, you may notice an increased ability to concentrate and feel particularly lucid.


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Venus In Taurus

Venus represents the energy of love. It stands for all things beautiful. It especially reflects how we deal with money, possessions, and society.

An increase in love, strong and lasting relationships, and commitment. Your home may be especially abundant as it is very important to you, along with the finest things in life. You may find yourself putting extra time into your appearance.


Mars in Taurus

Mars is the Red planet and signifies, action, energy, physical strength, conflict, motivation, initiative, ambition, and initiative.

Mars in Taurus means an increase in your determination to an all-time high. An increase in your drive and determination for monetary success including career, possessions, and a stable home and family life and relationships. Guarde against being too unyielding or stubborn during this time.


Jupiter In Taurus

Jupiter in your chart signifies where you will experience luck, abundance, fortune, and positive manifestation. Jupiter is almost always a good omen in a chart.

When Jupiter is in Taurus means you may experience surprise abundance and luck in financial matters. You may be the recipient of hidden opportunities.  Be on your guard for too much indulgence in the finer things in life at this time, or being too attached to physical possessions and their prestige.


Saturn In Taurus

Saturn is where your life lessons are. It signifies what you need to learn, your ambitions in life, and where you feel inadequate. It’s where you struggle to express who you are and want to be. This is the energy of caution and discipline.

For a Taurus, when Saturn is In Taurus there is an increased desire and need for financial security and the emotional feelings that go with it. You may be experience feelings of insecurity. Use your strong work ethic and determination to do the work that is necessary to build the financial security you seek.


Uranus In Taurus

Uranus is the energy of intuition, sudden insight, freedom, independence, the freedom urge, and opportunity.

Uranus in Taurus means this is a time to calculate investments and opportunities in terms of risk versus rewards. Your intuition will help you and your natural determination will ground you as well. There may be significant changes in your financial affairs at this time both in outer matters and internally in your values and belief system.

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Neptune In Taurus

Neptune is the planet of magic, mysticism, vision, creativity, self-renewal, and secrecy.  It reveals where you are inspired, your highest or lowest spiritual expression, and where you may be deceived, deceive yourself, or need to escape.

When Neptune is in Taurus your intuition about financial matters will be very high. Investments in humanitarian issues will be especially rewarding at this time. You may feel the necessity of translating financial principles and dreams into real-world assets and practices.


Pluto In Taurus

Pluto is the planet of power, being in charge, where you are feeling strong or weak, new experiences, and where transformation and change are taking place in your life.

Your strong desire for financial security, abundance, the finer things in life, and material success comes naturally to you. This is a time when you may especially benefits from assessing your own strengths and weaknesses.

From a pure Taurus horoscope angle, do not let your love of the finer things in life result in indulgence. Material success comes naturally to you, but how are you using it to serve and help others?  Be sure to do your due diligence in matters of investment.  Develop your God-given gifts of thrift, patience, and thoroughness. Your common sense will be your strength. Use it.


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