Libra horoscope readings are most accurate when they include your birth chart. In fact, your birth chart and your time of birth are the most important elements for getting an accurate horoscope reading.

A horoscope is a map of the position that the planets are in at an exact time and place of a person’s birth. It is basically a 360-degree layout of the Earth’s path around the Sun.  That path is divided into 12 sections called Houses (areas of your life).

Specific in-depth horoscopes for  Libra, September 24 to October 23, will appear in this post.


Libra Horoscope

When you consider your Libra horoscope, it’s important to remember that Libra


The Sun in Libra

The Sun is in Leo from September 24th through October 23rd.
Symbol: The Scales
Ruling Planet: Venus
Quality: Cardinal
Element: Air
House: 7th

Libra is the sign of justice, fairness, and balance as represented in their glyph – the scales.

Libra is all about relationships, especially the more form and structured ones pertaining to contracts, marriage, and friendship agreements.

They thrive on cooperation in relationships, negotiations, reason, and balancing priorities.


The Moon in Libra

Your Libra horoscope is especially affected by the moon. The Moon represents your unconscious mind, emotions, and feminine energy. It has a strong and constantly changing effect on all Sun Signs including LIbra.

When the moon is in Libra, it signifies a preference for good manners, decency, and elegant behavor. This is courteous energy filled with charm and grace.


Mercury in Libra

Mercury is ‘thinking’ energy. Its position shows our thought patterns, psychology, decision-making, and judgments.

When Mercury is in Libra, there will be increased interest and attentiveness to the actions, thoughts, and feelings of others. You may experience a heightened awareness of the subtle non-verbal messages that others are sending. And you may be extra sensitive to certain odors, sounds, and behaviors of others.


Venus In Libra

Venus represents the energy of love. It stands for all things beautiful. It especially reflects how we deal with money, possessions, and society.

Venus is the ruling planet of Libra, and that means it has an especially powerful effect.

Relationships and their harmony and balance are of primary importance to you. you may feel an especially strong desire to please others, especially your mate and close friends. If you don’t have a partner you may be especially aware of it at this time and it will likely concern you. Express love in your relationships and be sure to take care of yourself as you do so.


Mars in Libra

Mars represents the energy of action, aggressiveness, anger, risk-taking, and competition.

Mars in Libra may cause you to initiate social events or connections and notice an especially strong pull to assuage, smooth out, and balance the effects of people’s actions in relationships and agreements.

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Jupiter In Libra

Jupiter in your chart signifies where you will experience luck, abundance, fortune, and positive manifestation. Jupiter is almost always a good omen in a chart.

When Jupiter is in Libra your relationships will thrive and synchronicity will abound. Flow with it and stay open to the opportunities that are showing up at this time.

if Aspects (planetary angles) are not auspicious, (i.e. Square or Opposition) there may be disagreements, broken agreements, legal difficulties, lawsuits, etc.


Saturn In Libra

Saturn is where your life lessons are. It signifies what you need to learn, your ambitions in life, and where you feel inadequate. It’s where you struggle to express who you are and want to be. This is the energy of caution and discipline.

In a Libra horoscope, when Saturn is in Libra you will notice an increase in effectiveness, attention to detail, and precision. Do not allow yourself to become obsessed or unbalanced with perfection at this time. That means the energy has gone too far and you need to find balance with it.

One of your gifted strengths is a high sense of fairness and justice, and it can especially be put to good use at this time by applying it to specific projects.


Uranus In Libra

Uranus is the energy of intuition, sudden insight, freedom, independence, the freedom urge, and opportunity.

Uranus in Libra brings out a need to experiment with relationships, marriage agreements, and agreements in and around relationships.

You may feel a strong desire for freedom in your friendships, work relationships, and intimate relations. Your concepts of what is just and moral and right and fair may evolve significantly and change at this time.


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Neptune In Libra

Neptune is the planet of magic, mysticism, vision, creativity, self-renewal, and secrecy.  It reveals where you are inspired, your highest or lowest spiritual expression, and where you may be deceived, deceive yourself, or need to escape.

When Neptune is in Libra you will experience a strong surge of creative energy and insights that border on the psychic. Use them. There may also be a bit of insecurity at this time, yet its purpose is to get you to look honestly at yourself and any weaknesses that need improving. Spend time in self-reflection and examine your bad habits with no blame or self-criticism. See what needs to be improved in your character and take action to improve it. 


Pluto In Libra

Pluto is the planet of power, being in charge, where you are feeling strong or weak, new experiences, and where transformation and change are taking place in your life.

When Pluto is in Libra, it is a time of social transformation. this is of special importance to you as a Libra as you are already more relationship-oriented than most any other Zodiac sign. This is a time to bring your sense of fairness, balance, and justice to social norms to establish more moral and ethical social norms. 

I hope this overview of the planets has given you insights into general themes and influences that affect your Leo horoscope.


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