Leo horoscope readings are most accurate when they include your birth chart. In fact, your birth chart and your time of birth are the most important elements for getting an accurate horoscope reading.

A horoscope is a map of the position that the planets are in at an exact time and place of a person’s birth. It is basically a 360-degree layout of the Earth’s path around the Sun.  That path is divided into 12 sections called Houses (areas of your life).

Specific in-depth horoscopes for  Leo, July 24 to August 23 will appear in this post.


Leo Horoscope

When you consider your Leo horoscope, it’s important to remember that Leo is centered in the 5th house, which is the house of play, fun, pleasure, and leisure. This is the house of your dating, love life, sports games, children, and creativity.  The 5th house also relates to speculation, investments, investing, and games of chance.


The Sun in Leo

The Sun is in Leo from July 24 to August 23
Symbol: The Lion
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Quality: Fixed
Element: Fire


The Moon in Leo

Your Leo horoscope is especially affected by the moon. The Moon represents your unconscious mind, emotions, and feminine energy. It has a strong and constantly changing effect on all Sun Signs including Leo.

When the moon is in Leo, Leos will feel an especially strong desire to be admired, appreciated, and attended to and loved. This can lead to being more dramatic than usual and a hunger for more love and romance. Get a massage. Get a makeover. Buy some new clothes. Get your increased need for love and attention met by being where you can be the center of attention without dominating or being overly dramatic.


Mercury in Leo

Mercury is ‘thinking’ energy. Its position shows our thought patterns, psychology, decision-making, and judgments.

When Mercury is in Leo, your willpower and determination will be at an all-time high. A rise in confidence and pride in your abilities will go along with it. Use it. But be sure not to be overly dramatic, proud, or arrogant in the way you express it.


Venus In Leo

Venus represents the energy of love. It stands for all things beautiful. It especially reflects how we deal with money, possessions, and society.

With Venus in Leo, you will experience increased feelings of romance, love, and affection. Your need to be the center of attention will be stronger than usual. Get to public and social gatherings more than usual.

Be careful not to overdo it or crave so much attention that you become selfish or narcissistic. You may find yourself competing for affection more than usual.  Simply let your naturally warm heart glow and your loyalty and affectionate nature come to the fore, and your superior nature will shine through for you.


Mars in Leo

Mars represents the energy of action, aggressiveness, anger, risk-taking, and competition.

Mars in Leo means your already strong will and determination will be even more increased, allowing you to shine and be admired more than ever. Your energy and zest for life will be increased at this time. Be sure to express it positively by being noble and expressing your innate giving nature. Avoid jealously at all costs. Do not be overly possessive. Resist the urge to dominate others or this extra energy can go awry.

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Jupiter In Leo

Jupiter in your chart signifies where you will experience luck, abundance, fortune, and positive manifestation. Jupiter is almost always a good omen in a chart.

When Jupiter is in Leo you will experience surprising opportunities, luck, and synchronicity. Stay especially open to opportunities in the arts, investing, romance, and love. You’re likely to get lucky, literally.  Express all your natural traits as positively as you can to bring out this luck. Those things include your Leo gifts of generosity, love, relibility, drama, grounded nature.


Saturn In Leo

Saturn is where your life lessons are. It signifies what you need to learn, your ambitions in life, and where you feel inadequate. It’s where you struggle to express who you are and want to be. This is the energy of caution and discipline.

In a Leo horoscope, when Saturn is in Leo your 5th house of sports, children, love, and creativity will be ‘on the edge’. That means you may feel insecure in your ledership and also feel unrecognized and underappreciated. But none of these things need be the case if you focus on your strengths. Lead generously, and express your incredible warm heart with nobility. Be graceful when you’re the center of attention.

Be careful at this time to express all your gifts positively. It’s very important and will make you stronger. Because the influence of Saturn callus up your vulnerabilities and life lessons, looking honesty at yourself, and bringing your A-Game to life is the secret.


Uranus In Leo

Uranus is the energy of intuition, sudden insight, freedom, independence, the freedom urge, and opportunity.

Uranus will likely cause you to feel compelled to express yourself in unique, different, and creative ways. You may want to experience multiple partners or a variety of experiences that are new and out of the ordinary. Your natural innovative nature will be increased more than ever, so this is a particularly good time to write down your best ideas and use your creativity to lead well and fulfill goals and ambitions that are important to you.

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Neptune In Leo

Neptune is the planet of magic, mysticism, vision, creativity, self-renewal, and secrecy.  It reveals where you are inspired, your highest or lowest spiritual expression, and where you may be deceived, deceive yourself, or need to escape.

When Neptune is in Leo you must be on the lookout for where you are not being honest with yourself. Self-deception is a theme of Neptune, so be introspective, without being self-critical.

Your intuitive, psychic abilities will be at an all-time high. Use them to get insights about yourself and how you can truly be at your best. Your creativity will also be extremely high thanks to Neptune’s influence so this is a time to apply new ideas to your most important goals, values, and desires.


Pluto In Leo

Pluto is the planet of power, being in charge, where you are feeling strong or weak, new experiences, and where transformation and change are taking place in your life.

Pluto’s influence on you at this time will cause a powerful urge to be in charge and get your way. Be very careful not to overpower people or push them too hard. Lead with generosity as that is one of your greatest strengths. Avoid over dominating others.

Be aware that an increased amount of change will take place due to Pluto’s influence. Flow with the changes and do not insist that things stay the same. Let go of control and allow the natural optimal outcomes to take shape. Your strong need to be the center of attention can give you the opportunity to set a noble, warm-hearted, generous, and inherently superior example that others will follow.  Hold to that idea and demonstrate it as best you can, and this time will be an incredible experience for you.

I hope this overview of the planets has given you insights into general themes and influences that affect your Leo horoscope.


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