Virgo And Pisces Friendship

Virgo and Pisces friendship can thrive wonderfully if certain communication patterns are understood and used. Some important awarenesses must be kept in mind.

This post will help you understand the deeper dynamics inherent in a Virgo and Pisces friendship and provide insights that can help you avoid problems, maximize positives, and create the most wonderful friendship and relationship possible.


Virgo And Pisces Friendship

Virgo and Pisces are opposites. They each have traits that are admired by the other. Virgo is down to earth. Pisces is a dreamer. Virgo is fastidious and detail-oriented. Pisces has big visions.

Details as to how the two can create and maintain a wonderful friendship are contained in this post. Pisces must appreciate and value the practical side of Virgo. Virgo must never criticize Pisces’ dreams.


Learn About Virgo And Pisces Friendship

Virgo and Pisces Friendship

The first step in creating the best friendship possible between a Pisces and a Virgo is to get insight into each Sun sign. This will help you understand their nature, what their deeper needs are, and why they respond and react the way they do.

Three things will give you immediate insight into any Zodiac sign;

  1. Their Element
  2. Their Quality
  3. Their Ruling Planet

This will reveal a lot about how and why they interact in certain ways when it comes to friendship together.

Finally, you can learn some Astrological insights. These include the Houses, Planets, and Aspects (Angeles).
This will give you even more insight into the friendship dynamic between Pisces and Virgo.


Transform Your Friendship

In a friendship with a Virgo or Pisces? 

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Pisces in Friendship

Virgo And Pisces Friendship

Pisces Element: Water

The element that a person’s sign is, tells you a lot about the person. Pisces is a water sign. That means they are fluid like water, They flow along. Water takes the form of what’s around it.

Invite your Pisces friend out to lunch or to a concert and they will often go along. They’ll flow with your ideas and suggestions so long as they are somewhat aligned with their interests and nature. They are easy to get along with and are often ‘easygoing’ by nature.

The ancient Greek God of the sea is Poseidon.  He also is said to rule over earthquakes and horses.

These people are highly adaptable and easily play, positively or negatively, with appearances and perceptions. Pisces are highly fluid and flexible individuals. Those born under a water sign blend well with earth signs and water signs and take special care to blend well with fire or air signs.

The other water signs are Cancer and Scorpio. Earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. Air signs are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. And Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.


Pisces Quality: Mutable

The quality of a sign is another important thing to know. Pisces is a Mutable sign. That means they are highly communicative. Mutable signs are highly flexible, go with the flow, and are very adaptable. They adjust well to change. The other Mutable signs are Virgo, Gemini, and Sagittarius.


Pisces is Feminine

Pisces is a feminine sign, meaning it is receptive in nature.


Pisces is Ruled by Neptune

Virgo and Pisces Friendship

Neptune represents creativity and what is hidden or obscure. It is the energy of water and the sea. It represents the highest form of spiritual evolution, dreams, sleep, vision, charm, creativity, romance, imagination, illusion, self-renewal, secrets,
and psychic ability.

If Neptune appears in your horoscope it can mean there’s a blind spot in your thinking, that you are inspired, or that you are indulging in self-deception. It can also mean you’re being deceived or tricked as this is the planet of appearances and illusions.


Personality Traits of Pisces

When you combine the Element of Water, with the Quality of Mutable, receptive Feminine energy, and a Ruling Planet of Neptune, you get these specific personality traits: Sensitivity, psychic ability, compassion, intuitiveness, idealism, secretiveness, dreamy, idealism, prescience, visionary.


Pisces Strengths

Sensitivity, psychic ability, compassion, intuitiveness, idealism, secretiveness, dreamy, idealism, visionary.


Pisces Weaknesses

They can be self-deceiving, given to indulgence in drugs or alcohol, escapist, overly impressionable, and unrealistic.


Pisces Symbol: The fish

The fish symbolism is that of flowing, non-resistance, ease, and the need to swim against the tide in order to fulfill one’s destiny.


Famous Pisces

Well-known Pisces include Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Jerry Lewis, Josh Groban, Daniel Craig, Rihanna, Michelangelo, Carl Reiner, Elizabeth Taylor, Bruce Willis, and Drew Barrymore.


Pisces Friendship Factors

The secret of befriending Pisces is to sincerely believe in and support their dreams. Always remember that a Pisces dreams are sacred to them. Never tread on them. And take care not to feign support. Pisces is one of the most psychic signs in the Zodiac and they will quite likely sense your insincerity.

These are people who have a huge vision. And they are sensitive to criticism of their big ideas. So never criticize their dreams. This will ruin a friendship with a Pisces almost immediately. Instead, help them put foundations underneath them.

Allow them their secrets as they are harmless for the most part and necessary for Pisces to have. Value their compassion, creativity, and intuition.

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Transform Your Friendship

In a friendship with a Virgo or Pisces? 

  Learn secrets that make your friendship thrive and succeed.
Discover the problems that may damage or destroy your friendship.
See more deeply into their unique needs, drives, nature, and patterns.
Get important insights about that Pisces or Virgo person in your life.
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Virgo is the sign of the Virgin.
Virgo and Pisces Friendship



Pisces is the sign of the fish. Virgo and Pisces Friendship

Virgo in Friendship


Virgo Element: Earth

Earth signs are practical and ‘down to earth’. They are realistic and like getting things done.


Virgo Quality: Mutable

Mutable signs are highly flexible. They adapt and adjust well to change.


Virgo is Feminine

Virgo is a feminine sign, which means they are receptive people. They are open to new ideas and ways of doing things.


Virgo is Ruled by Mercury

Virgo and Pisces Friendship

Each sun sign has a ruling planet. The ruling planet is especially important to understand because it has a great deal of influence on that particular sign. Virgo is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is the planet of communication, learning, and thinking. Mercury also rules Gemini.

Mercury represents the conscious mind, analysis; and basically how a person thinks and communicates. It reveals how you solve problems, make decisions, what you’re curious about, and how you learn.


Virgo Symbol: The virgin

The symbol of the virgin is often portrayed as a winged woman carrying a sheaf of wheat. It comes from Greek history and is the depiction of a great Goddess who was known for her virginity, fertility, purity, harvest, and agriculture.


Famous Virgo’s Include

Beyonce, Keanu Reeves, Salma Hayek, Sophia Loren, Peter Falk, and Peter Sellers.


Virgo Strengths

Practical, dependable, career-focused, organized, Self-sufficient, self-sacrificing, modest, service-oriented, efficient, detail-oriented, particular, and discriminating.


Virgo Weaknesses

Critical, worrying too much, over-critical, over-thinking situations, indecisiveness, overly-particular.


Virgo Friendship Factors

Virgo and Pisces Friendship

One of the most positive aspects of Virgo is that they plan and prepare extraordinary well. They naturally create a bountiful harvest. This trait is especially valuable in friendship with Pisces, who is more dreamy and sometimes unrealistic.

Virgo must realize that the romantic and creative energy of Pisces is often exactly what they need to get out of their highly organized, discriminating, and detail-oriented thinking from time to time. Build this into the friendship.

Allow Pisces to sweep you away from time to time. Virgo’s nature of being practical and down to earth is of great value to Pisces. Build this into the friendship as well by helping to add steps, plans, and real-world thinking and foundations to Pisces’ great dreams. Remember, Einstein was a Pisces. So was Steve Jobs of Apple.

Great dreams can come true with a little help from your friends.

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Virgo And Pisces Friendship Patterns

Virgo and Pisces Patterns

The art of friendship between these two Sun signs can be increased greatly by appreciating what the other sign has that you do not, and admiring it. Virgo is highly discriminating and down-to-earth. Pisces is a highly creative, idealistic dreamer.


Strengthens The Friendship (Emphasize)

Virgo and Pisces have many things in common that they can share:
  Both are feminine, i.e. Receptive to new ideas, places, and people. Explore them together.
  Both are excellent communicators by nature. Communicating will come easily.
  Both are mutable signs and so are highly flexible and adaptable.
  Both are strategic. Especially share plans, milestones, and next steps.
  Both are reflective and secretive – so respect each other’s secrets.
  Both are sensitive – so be careful and tender with each other on purpose
  Both possess qualities the other admires.
  Foster a high appreciation of what the other possesses in abundance. This is one of the most valuable ways to create and maintain friendship between Virgo and Pisces. The other person is gifted in ways you are not.

Remember, you are 7-7 opposites. That means that Astrologically, you are set opposite each other in the Heavens. Opposite does not mean opposition, however.


Weakens The Friendship (Avoid)

Weakens Virgo And Pisces Friendship

Virgo’s critical nature is not conducive to the fish. It must be timed carefully, contained, and expressed positively or it will ruin any possibility of friendship. Nag Pisces too much and the friendship is doomed. Virgo must find a positive way to share their practical and intellectual insights and understandings with Pisces. Pisces needs them.

The best way to understand this may be to remember that Walt Disney would never allow anyone to criticize the original drawings of Mickey Mouse. The creative zone had to be protected. There was just one place in the original Disney headquarters where the etchings were allowed to be critiqued. At that place, and at certain times, that’s precisely what they did.

But always remember that if you criticize Pisces too soon, you may inadvertently shut down creativity – the lifeblood of every Pisces. This would be like shutting down the thinking process of a Virgo.

Virgo must always remember to be very careful not to use their great powers of discrimination to nag or criticize the Pisces. To do this, consistently give feedback in a way that supports Pisces dreams and is supportive. This will win you over in the eyes of the fish. Certain language patterns and communication techniques are invaluable for doing this.

Pisces must avoid subjecting your creative ideas to Virgo too soon. This is especially true of new and original ideas you have, and you have plenty of them. Virgos excel in service. Still, always remember to keep them private and sacred and have a physical place somewhere that is dedicated to developing them. Protect that space.

Only later, should Pisces bring their creative ideas before Virgo’s discriminating eyes. They will provide highly valuable feedback that you need and that all ideas need to pass the test of practical application in the real world. Always remember this sequence, and never try to involve Virgo in your creative process. Your creative process must be done in isolation to a high degree, even if you work with a mastermind team to innovate and invent.

Use Virgo’s amazing gifts of analysis the way an author would bring an original manuscript before their ‘first reader’. You expect it to be honestly critiqued, but you know it’s important and necessary, and that it will result in a better end result.


Communication Essentials

Virgo To Pisces
NEVER criticize Pisces dreams or creative ideas, no matter how impractical they may seem. Make criticism positive and constructive. Don’t nag. Approve of the Piscean need to be creative, dreamy, and to renew themselves in art, music, and other arts.

Pisces To Virgo
Express honest appreciation for Virgo’s ability to plan, organize, and discriminate. Ask for feedback only after your creative idea, innovation, or invention has been developed to some degree. Ask Virgo to ‘put it to the test’. Give Virgo opportunities to plan and organize.

Transform Your Friendship

In a friendship with a Virgo or Pisces? 

  Learn secrets that make your friendship thrive and succeed.
Discover the problems that may damage or destroy your friendship.
See more deeply into their unique needs, drives, nature, and patterns.
Get important insights about that Pisces or Virgo person in your life.
Know which communication patterns will make the most difference.
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Astrology Influences


The ruling planet of Pisces is Neptune. The ruling planet of Virgo is Mercury. Think of the word “ruling” as influencing significantly. Remember, knowing the ruling planet of a Zodiac sign tells you a lot about anyone born under that sign because a ruling planet has a particularly strong influence on anyone born under that sign.

Neptune – Affecting Pisces
Neptune is the planet of illusions, appearances, and confusion. It is also the planet of creativity, imagination, secrets, vision, intuition, and the highest spiritual attainment. Neptune was the great God of the sea, son of Saturn, and a brother to both Jupiter and Pluto.

Neptune rules the 12th house (area of life), which is the house of secrets and self-renewal.

Neptune is the energy of art, music, charm, and romance. In a birth chart, Neptune represents all these things, and may also reveal where you have a blind spot or are not seeing something clearly enough, and a hidden truth or element needs to be revealed.

Neptune is also the energy of addiction.  If Neptune appears in your chart, be on the lookout for anything you are obsessed about in an unhealthy way, be it food, money, drugs, alcohol, etc.

Mercury – Affecting Virgo
Mercury is the planet of communication, work, service, intelligence, the conscious mind, thinking, and analyzing. Mercury is the son of Jupiter and is referred to as being ‘The Messenger God’.

Mercury rules the 6th house (area of life) which is the house of work, service, and communication.  Mercury also rules over Gemini.

Mercury is the energy of thinking and the process of analysis. It reveals how you solve problems, make decisions, and ask questions. It determines your communication style and use of logic.



The 12th house of subconscious & spirituality.

The 6th house of work, service, career, environment, and health.


Aspects (Angles)

The Aspects, also known as Angles, reveal how the planets are interacting and are related to each other. i.e. how they’re connected.

Virgo and Pisces friendship is in a 7-7 alignment. That means Virgo and Pisces are technically in an opposed position to each other. That is to say that their moon signs and Ascendants are in opposition.

This doesn’t mean that they can’t form excellent friendships. It just means that you must be especially attentive to certain factors in the relationship. It accounts for the high sexual attraction between the two. (the opposites attract concept).



Virgo and Pisces friendship is greatly enhanced by each sign appreciating what the other has that they lack. Also, each sign should know the unique value they provide for the other so as to emphasize and express it. Virgo’s discriminating nature must be used positively and expressed in a supportive way for Pisces. Never criticize Pisces’ dreams or visions, even if they seem unrealistic.

Allow the natural romantic and creative nature of Pisces to help get you out of your head. Allow Pisces private time to dream, create, and do what you might consider impractical. Pisces needs to do some of this and will seek out arts, music, and other aesthetic pleasures.

Go along, and recognize the benefit of weaving this energy into your life. Finding the appropriate balance will be key. Use and appreciate Pisces’ highly creative, artistic, dreamy nature in positive ways. Allow Pisces a certain amount of escape. They need it. But recognize when Pisces is being expressed negatively in alcohol or drug addiction, or in too much escape.

Pisces must recognize the incredible value of the practical, down-to-earth point of view that Virgo provides and is so good at. Realize it is a vital point of view that you need in order to realize your dreams. Seek out Virgo’s discriminating insights and utilize them.

Most importantly, create a separate and private space to do your dreaming. Do not share your nascent ideas too quickly or too soon with Virgo. Allow your ideas to develop in the isolation of your creative laboratory space, and then, at the right time, subject them to practical review. Virgo’s insights will be highly enlightening. This will keep your inner dreamer alive and thriving, which is very important for you.

Recognize when Virgo is overthinking something. They can get paralyzed with analysis paralysis. That’s the time to come to their aid. Sweep them away to a concert, an art exhibit, or something else that’s romantic. It will get them out of their head. This is a tremendous gift to give to Virgo.

A Virgo and Pisces Friendship can be wondrous and long-lasting if these key features are kept in mind and practiced over time.

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