What Is Astrology? 

Astrology is the art and science of interpreting and sometimes forecasting events by observing and interpreting fixed stars, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets.

There are many benefits to this art including personal, life, and relationship advantages. 

Astrology can help you solve issues in your life and increase your understanding of trends, patterns and coming events. It can help you find the right mate and avoid relationship problems and difficulties. 

But perhaps the single greatest advantage of Astrology is that it can teach you an amazing insight into yourself. It can give you genuine self-understanding that you can use to create a better, happier, more fulfilled self and a more successful and effective life. 


The Practice Of Astrology 

The actual practice of Astrology concentrates on 4 main components; Zodiac Signs, Houses, Planets, and Angles.


The Zodiac Signs

These are determined by where the Sun was located in a Horoscope at the precise time and location of your birth.


The Houses

There are 12 houses. Each house represents a different area of your life. Here are the 12 houses, the Sun sign each is attributed to or ‘ruled by’ and the main areas of life that are attributed to each house:

  1. House of Aries. Relates to the Self and Personality
  2. House of Taurus. Relates to personal finances and possessions
  3. House of Gemini. Relates to communication and learning
  4. House of Cancer. Relates to home and family
  5. House of Leo. Relates to creativity, sports, and children
  6. House of Virgo. Relates to work, health
  7. House of Libra. Relates to close relationships, partnership
  8. House of Scorpio. Relates to other people’s money and joined resources
  9. House of Sagittarius. Relates to travel and higher education
  10. House of Capricorn. Relates to status and career
  11. House of Aquarius. Relates to group associations friends, and friendship
  12. House of Pisces. Relates to the subconscious, and spirituality


The Planets

Each of the 8 planets represents specific energies. The Sun and Moon, though not actual planets, are called planets by Astrologers as a matter of convenience. So we say there are 10 planets. The Sun and Moon also represent specific energies.


The Angles

The Major Aspects and Minor Aspects are the angles and patterns in a Horoscope that reveal how other planets are related to your Sun Sign.


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